PlushieCon Online at UK PonyCONLINE: Britannia's Spooky Sleepover!
Welcome to the 2nd PlushieCon Online!

This is the info site for PlushieCon Online at UK PonyCONLINE: Britannia's Spooky Sleepover! Twilightsmile Princess_luna

Date: October 10th, 2020, 20:00 CEST = 7 p.m. BST at UK PonyCONLINE or at our Twitch live stream

Yep, that's right - after our very first PlushieCon Online at UK PonyCONLINE (you can find the whole "event in the event" right here), we are back for another PlushieCon Online! And this time, it will be a two hour feature length event!

As we don't maintain a website, we simply use a thread in this here board, which usually is our internal working board (that's why you can't find a "Register" button on it) for public information. You may also follow us on Twitter: @PlushieCon .

In order to keep this page clear, I put the topics into dedicated "spoiler boxes". Just click on such a box to open it and read its content.

Show ContentWhat is PlushieCon Online about?:

Show ContentHere is how it works:

Show ContentRules and tips for the plushie photos:

Well, that was a lot of text, but it's necessary to organize a nice PlushieCon Online Edition. Now, let's head up to upload your plushie picture(s) and register them >>> here <<< !

See you at the Twitch live stream!
UK PonyCONLINE PlushieCon Online
Group Picture and Statistics.

Here are the results for PlushieCon Online at the UK PonyCONLINE: Britannia's Spooky Sleepover on October 10th, 2020!

First of all, the total number of plushies: 642 plushies were submitted by 23 owners! Twilightsmile Pinkie-approved Salute

Here is a downsized preview image in 882 * 426 pixels. Clicking on this image will take you to the large-sized image - caution, the full size means 8.824 * 4.264 pixels with 12,43 MB :

[Image: UKPC-10-10-gruppe-vorschau.jpg]

Creating this virtual PlushieCon picture was a bit like playing Tetris... didn't completely fit, there are some gaps left. Most of the images are downsized to maintain the proportions of the plushies - one plushie filling half the screen surrounded by seemingly mid-sized and small plushies, some plushies, altough in reality not that small, appearing to be tiny, would look just... strange to put it friendly Rainbowdashwink

For this whole PlushieCon Online, I tried to use every picture submitted to us at least once, be it for this "gathering together" pic here or during the presentation - or for both. For the group picture, I did what I could not to "clone" plushies, that means every physical plushie should appear only once.

I reckon many people are interested in how many plushies of which character are present, right? I'll put the detailed list into the spoiler box, just click on it to open it and see the detailed list. Names without a number behind them mean: this character was present only once.

Show ContentSpoiler:

So much for the written and, as of now, downloadable part of PlushieCon Online at UK PonyCONLINE on October 10h, 2020 Salute Pinkie-approved A recording of the stream itself should become available pretty soon, I'll post it as a reply here as soon as it is available.

For now, thank you all for your interest, for watching, reading and submitting your plushie pictures! Fsgrin Twilightsmile
PlushieCon Online at UK PonyCONLINE is available as a YouTube video now - the whole show!


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