Info site for PlushieCon Online at UK PonyCONLINE, June 13, 2020.

This is the info site for PlushieCon Online! Twilightsmile

Usually, PlushieCon is an "event in an event" where you can lend your plushies to us, we arrange them for a presentation on the main stage in the evening. Maybe you have read on Equestria Daily about us before (you can find a list of their GalaCon reports mentioning us right here); maybe you've seen PlushieCon live before - that, of course, depends if you've been to a convention or meetup where we have been; up until now, we've been "only" to events in Europe.

Now this is our "online edition" Cheerilee  The idea came up because of the actual health situation, of course; but it doesn't need to be limited to the time present. You see, we understand that bringing plushies to a "real life" PlushieCon means effort for the owners: they need to do the registration, they need to label the plushies, they need to transport them to the event and back... all this means effort. We can well imagine hosting a PlushieCon, maybe even as a little stand-alone event, even after the pandemic is over, giving all of YOU the opportunity to show your plushies to the world without having to transport them or giving them out of your loving hands (even just for a day) at all. Whether we'll do this or not depends on which reactions we get, if people want us to do this or if there is not much interest about it. - But for now, we will be hosting the first "PlushieCon Online" ever - at UK PonyCONLINE! Pinkiepieexcited

Here's how it works:
  • First, please take a group photo and maybe some single pictures of your plushies and upload them anywhere you want, we just need to be able to access them.

  • Next, fill in the online registration form which you find by clicking >>> here <<<.

  • We will download the photos, try to put them all together to a huge collage which resembles the PlushieCon group picture at present events, and will use the photos during the presentation.

  • UK PonyCONLINE assigned us a slot in their schedule at 8 p.m. BST = 9 p.m. CEST on June 13th. During this slot, we will be live on Twitch at Your PlushieCon host, Railway Dash, will do a PlushieCon presentation on a divided screen. In the lower left corner, all your plushie group photos will be shown in an endless loop, maybe also some of the single plushie pictures if someone provided us with separate single plushie pics of his plushies. This depends on the number of photos we get in total: we only have so much time to show them all, and we want to show at least all of the group pictures at least once. - On the major part of the screen, selected photos of plushies will be presented with Railway Dash giving information and comments on them.

    The event will be embedded in UK PonyCONLINE's Discord online convention. On their Discord channel, there will be a channel for asking panelists questions. If you want, feel free to ask us questions there during the PlushieCon Online: in the second half of the event, we'll do a good ol' fashioned Q&A where Railway Dash will read through your questions and answer them.

    You will also be provided with a link to the huge "collage group picture"; and below this text right here, statistics will appear: total number of plushies, total number of participating owners, numbers of Fluttershys, Twilights, Pinkies, Rainbows, ... that were successfully registered.

    The event will go on for about two hours, which is the same time we usually do for live presentations at the big conventions. There won't be a webcam thing or such: it's not the person who speaks who is important during this panel: the plushies are, so they are shown, not the presenter. The show, however, will be completely live, thanks to the technics magic provided by our technics wizard Lux.

  • The links both to the huge group picture and the statistics will remain active after the show ended. Maybe it'll also be recorded for a later watching, that needs to be decided and accomplished yet. If you on your end of the line somehow want to record it, feel free and welcome to do so.

  • To be able to handle the incoming photos and data, the online registration closes one week before UK PonyCONLINE, hence on June 6th, 2020, as we need the week that'll be left until UK PonyCONLINE by then to sort all the data, count out the plushies, set up the presentation and so on - in short: to prepare PlushieCon Online, so please be sure to submit your plushie pictures and registrations until June 6th.

To have nice pictures and to be able to handle any number of pictures we might get, we need to set up some requirements for the photos:
  • PlushieCon is a My Little Pony fandom project. Therefore, we only accept MLP related plushies, that means characters of species and races that actually do or could have been appearing in the show: ponies, griffons, hippogryphs, parasprites, yaks, seaponies... no random teddy bears, cat plushies, pokémon plushies or other plushies that are in no way MLP related. And please don't try to sell them to us as "hey, it's a shape-shifted changeling just posing as a <whatever>" - no, please don't do that.

  • Please have the background of the photos clean and tidy. No one likes to see plushies that seem to be standing on a trash yard of half-eaten old pizza, overfull ash trays and next to a pile of dirty old clothes - you get the idea.

  • Please make sure to only use pictures you have all rights at - for legal reasons we have to tell you that and see it as agreed that by submitting us your photos, you understand and adhere to this rule. We have to reject any legal responsibility for the pictures, this responsibility remains with the submitter exclusively.

  • Since this will be a public show accessible for literally everyone of every age, please use only "family-friendly" pics, rated "E". We need to reserve the right to reject photos or blacken out single plushies on group photos if we don't see them fit for an "E" rated PlushieCon.

  • It would be best to use landscape.

  • For each registration, please send us one group photo of your plushies gathered together - this, of course, only applies if you have more than one plushie that you want to participate. If you have a huge group of plushies that don't really fit on one picture, it's, of course, okay to split them in two or three smaller groups. The group photos will be used for the automatic slideshow in the lower left corner of the Twitch stream screen. During the registration, you can enter a maximum of ten links to pictures. Whether you choose to give us one group pic and up to nine single plushie pictures or two or even three group pictures and therefore less single plushie pictures is up to you, we just kindly ask you to keep the number of group pictures as low as you can so that we have a chance to show all registered group pictures in an automated slide show during our "broadcast" at least once.

  • To be approved for taking part at PlushieCon Online, every plushie of your registration must be clearly visible on your group picture. Plushies that hide behind other plushies cannot be counted, sorry. - This also serves as a troll protection. You see, someone could enregister 100 Pinkies "jez fer da lulz", to blow up our numbers to unreasonable high numbers. Of course, anyone can do so - but we ONLY approve and count plushies that are visible on your picture. So, if for whatever reason, you enregister 100 Pinkies but show us only 9 on a photo, these 9 will be counted, of course; the remaining 91 will be ignored.

  • Please feel free to add single plushie photos, they could come in very handy for the main presentation. Maybe you have an exceptionally large plushie (I've heard of plushies that are about the size of an actual real life Arabian race horse!), or an exceptionally tiny one (you could put it next to a Penny or Euro cent or another common known tiny object for scale), or you want to show the mascots of events as a sign those events are with the herd in troublesome times... As we ask you in the form to provide (social media) contact data, we may contact you and asking for a more detailed single photo of a special plushie. Of course, that doesn't mean you're obliged to comply with such a request, you can choose to ignore it at your will.

  • In general, as the ones being responsible for and running this event, we must reserve the right to choose or reject photos or registrations at our own decision, as we see fit. Uploading photo(s) and filling in the registration form does not grant you any rights of participation or of having your picture(s) shown, it will be merely an offer by you to us which is up to us to accept.

Well, that was a lot of text, but it's necessary to organize a nice PlushieCon Online Edition. Now, let's head up to upload your plushie picture(s) and register them >>> here <<< !

See you at the Twitch live stream!
UK PonyCONLINE PlushieCon Online
Group Pictures, Statistics and some general info.

Here are the results for PlushieCon Online at the UK PonyCONLINE on June 13th, 2020!

First, without any further ado, the total number of plushies: 529 plushies were submitted by 32 owners! Twilightsmile Pinkie-approved Salute

Here is a downsized preview image in 900 * 507 pixels. Clicking on this image will take you to the large-sized image - caution, the full size means 9.000 * 5.062 pixels with 6,03 MB :

[Image: PCO-UKPC-counted-vorschau.jpg]

Creating this virtual PlushieCon picture was a bit like playing Tetris... didn't completely fit, there are some gaps left. I had to downsize most of the images sent to us to fit them all in one single picture, and I couldn't make the picture any larger because my old computer hardware can't handle more, it just would make the software crash because of too few RAM.

So, which pictures did I use? I used plushie group pictures when sent in - in most cases, that is; there are one or two registrations where I chose single plush pictures instead because they showed the plushies better. Some registrations consisted of just one plushie anyway. - And I will confess: there are way more than 529 plushies on this "mass picture", the total number should be around 900 or more. How so? Well, to make it fit, I had some gaps left on the lower end of the picture, this didn't look nice - so I added pictures of not counted plushies that were submitted to us to close these gaps, to make a neat whole picture. I'll explain later on. Besides, some plushies are to be seen on more than one picture, if sometimes only in the background.

I reckon many people are interested in how many plushies of which character are present, right? I'll put the detailed list into the spoiler box, just click on it to open it and see the detailed list. Names without a number behind them mean: this character was present only once.

Show ContentSpoiler:

Alright... earlier, I wrote something about uncounted plushies. There have been two submissions that contained of photos only, but without giving us a checklist of which plushies should be on them. The first is a submission of roughly about 300 (yes, that's right: three hundred!) plushies, the owner doesn't have a list of all his plushies on his own. Counting them out on our own just by the pictures is practically impossible, and in his collection, there are many non-MLP plushies, too. But why rejecting these pictures instead of showing them? Such a massive plush collection needs to be seen by the world Cheerilee So we decided to use and show the pictures, just treat the plushies on them as "uncounted" - that means they don't appear in the statistics. - The second registration was a picture we got linked from Twitter. Again, there was no list of the plushies submitted with the registration. I tried to count them on my own since this time, there aren't that much plushies, but had to find soon enough that there are several characters I don't know the names of. Maybe they are mascots that I don't recognize, maybe they are personal OCs, maybe they are even show characters that I don't recognize from the picture (yes, shame on me, I know... Fluttershysad )... why yes, I could have contacted the owner, but you see, I just didn't find the time. Besides, this registration was made after the official end of the registration on June 6th anyway, so I decided to treat the plushies on this picture as uncounted, too Shrugbrae - For the final picture: it's from none other than Bexi, your UK PonyCONLINE host this weekend, herself Salute As a long-time MLP fan and collector, she doesn't have just G4 (FiM) plushies but G1 (the big ones) and G2 (the little beanies) plushies as well. Truth is, she offered to give me the names (because I'm not much of an expert for the older generations), but since I had to prepare everything in advance (because of my real life job), and both she and I had been VERY busy the last days before UK PonyCONLINE, I decided to treat these plushies as uncounted, too. - In the list above, you find two other counted G3 plushies: they are on a picture together with G4 characters, so it was fairly easy to figure out.

So, here's the second group picture, this time of the uncounted plushies. Clicking on the preview picture gets you to the large-sized one: this time, it's 4.500 * 2.532 pixels and 1,41 MB of file size.

[Image: PCO-UKPC-uncounted-vorschau.jpg]

That's all for the written and, as of now, downloadable part of PlushieCon Online at UK PonyCONLINE on June 13th, 2020 Salute Pinkie-approved A recording of the stream itself should become available pretty soon, I'll post it as a reply here as soon as it is available.

For now, thank you all for your interest, for watching, reading and submitting your plushie pictures! Fsgrin Twilightsmile

... PS: if someone wonders why I "abuse" a forum for a publication like this...

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PlushieCon Online at UK PonyCONLINE is available as a YouTube video now - the whole panel!

Please skip forward to 4:19, the first 4:18 are just a "waiting screen".


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