Youtube - GalaCon 2018
by Brok:

The official recording by PonyvilleFM:

Recording starts at about 7:38 p.m. Until 1:35:11, a good deal of setting up the stage and doing preparations of all kind is to be seen (audio: not the original which would be useless most of the time anyway but instead music by PonyvilleFM), from 1:35:11 til 1:40:40 visitors come in - accompanied by the "GalaCon theme" Cheerilee , and from then on, PlushieCon, moderated by Railway Dash, begins.

I admit it weren't the full two hours that were scheduled because due to the high number of plushies, setting up took longer than expected - it can be seen in the video. Therefore, PlushieCon was open only about one hour 40 minutes.

My sincerest "Thank you!" to the team of PonyvilleFM! Hug Brohoof You did a huge favour both to team PlushieCon and me, personally, by streaming and recording this video! For me, personally: you see, I only can get better if I get the chance to watch my own performance on stage. The whole thing looks completely different from the stage than it does from the audience's point of view. Now I know what I've got to change, where I had too many or long breaks, I realised what I forgot to mention up there and so on - and as far as I know, it's the same for everyone being active on a stage. Only from watching the own appearances up there, you get a chance to properly analyse them and learn from the results, but to be able to do so, there need to be proper recordings - and you delivered them. And for this: please accept my sincerest and deepest thanks! Salute

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