Spontaneous Mini-"PlushieCon" at Pancake Pavilion Dinner Eve, HWCon, Feb 26th, 2016
Hearths Warming Con in Hoofddorp (Netherlands, nearby Amsterdam) had sort of a "pre-con Evening event" on Friday evening: the Pancake Pavilion Dinner Eve at Pannenkoeken Paviljoen in Cruquius.

Whilst being there, suddenly plushies of the visitors began to gather at one table Rainbowdashwink

Special guest of this HWCon was none less than M.A. Larson, one of the leading authors of MLP:FiM. He was also there at the Pancake Dinner Eve and paid us a visit at the "plushie table".

Here's a picture: "The Master (author) and His Little Ponies" Dealwithit - with nearly all plushies of the visitors of this evening event, only few kept their plushies and did not give it to the meetup. For the records: there were about 50 visitors.

[Image: Fr-Plushies-Larson.jpg]

Thanks for visiting the "Mini-PlushieCon" and HWCon on this evening, Mitch! Cheerilee

Photo taken by PlushieCon member PinkiSpy, approval for publishing it given by M.A. Larson.

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